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Food packaging processing

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Process and processes optimization - Dr. Olivier Vitrac, APT, France

FITNESS (2017-2020) is a project funded under the European Erasmus + program. The goal of this project is to set up a virtual platform freely offering interactive content (presentations, guides, quizzes, webinars, simulation tools) related to food packaging and food packaging issues. The objective is to offer a rich content to understand the principles and issues (basic modules), and learn more advanced techniques to control the impact or safety of the materials used (advanced modules). The platform is aimed at students, teachers and professionals in the agri-food, packaging and chemical sectors. The platform does not require any particular software and can be used for lectures, practical work or life-long training. The fields cover materials, food and its constraints, physical-chemistry, conditioning, impact studies, regulation, and advanced modeling techniques. The FITNESS project brings together 8 partners from 5 different countries: Germany (Technical University of Munich / Fraunhofer), Croatia (University of Zagreb), Spain (CSIC), France (ACTIA, LNE, AgroParisTech / INRA, AgroSup Dijon), Portugal (University Catholic of Portugal). The FITNESS platform developed as part of an open-source project is available online with its constantly enriched content: .The content is currently tested and optimized for different target audiences.

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Process and processes optimization - Dr. Olivier Vitrac, APT, France


Panorama of food packaging - Prof. Horst-Christian Langowski, TUM, Germany


Surfaces treatments and coatings - Dr. Mia Kurek, UZAG, Croatia


Calculation of permeabilities in composites systems - Dr. Oliver Miesbauer, TUM, Germany


Principles of mass transfer - Dr. Mia Kurek, UZAG, Croatia


EU legislation, national regulations, US regulations - Patrick Sauvegrain, ACTIA/LNE, France


Migration modelling in Monomaterials - Dr. Nguyen Phuong Mai, ACTIA/LNE, France


Food Packaging and shelf life - Prof. Thomas Karbowiak, ASD, France


Innovation in food packaging - Dr. Maria Jose Fabra, CSIC, Spain


History and principles of FMEA-FMECA aproaches, connection,with regulation 2023-2006-EC - Dr Olivier Vitrac, APT, France


Environmental impacts of packaging and recycling - Prof. Thomas Karbowiak, ASD, France


Overview of methodologies used in life Cycle Assessment, Directive 2009-125-EC, standard ISO14040 - Prof. Maria Fatima Poças UCP, Portugal


Tools for Life Cycle Impact Assessment Dr. Sandra Domenek, APT, France

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